Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grim Specter

Here, I wanted to try a simple color palette to restrict my focus away from the colors and redirect it towards the line work.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Stylized Life Drawing II

Here are the other couple drawings from the post below.

Stylized Life Drawing

Our last day in life drawing class was more of a day to use what we've learned as a guideline and just to have fun with it. With that said, here are my stylized life drawings that was actually really fun to do! We were given 12 minutes, but most of these took about 8.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Flash Walk Cycles Animation

Heres a few different character walk cycles, each showing characters that differ from each other. Going from small to large, the pace and feel from each cycle is completely different which I like.

Flash Rough Gestural Animations

These were animations that were emphasizing movement of line more than squash and stretch of form. I plan to flesh these out more but I like how they're moving along.

Flash Muay Thai Lizard Animation

This was my first fleshed out character jump and a voice over I had done. These animations lack exaggeration, but for them being earlier works, I feel like they were necessary learning steps.

Flash Gaming Animation Collection

I had the pleasure of working in Flash with actionscript 2.0 for a simple video game. Since I love games so much, it was right up my alley to make sprites for a sidescroller. My concept was to make a swordsman in a fantasy-style dark age setting taking on some gory demonic adversaries.

Concept Art: Asian Tween

This assignment was to concept an Asian teenager with some attitude. She was to be cute, popular, and sweet. This was probably the first wall I hit when I realized drawing Asian girls as cartoons is no easy task.

Concept Art: Loser Gorilla

For a Character and object design course, I was instructed to create a loser-type ape that was lazy and typically unlikable. My drawings really suffered to reflect what an ape looked like, until I visited the Atlanta zoo and studied them for hours. Surprisingly after that, my drawings were amazing in terms of sudden improvement. Really goes to show you how much reference helps!

Life Drawing

I had the joy of attending a life drawing class with Ed Murietta from Cartoon Network. His emphasis on form has really helped to propel my depictions on anatomy and here is what resulted, hope you enjoy!