Tuesday, May 29, 2012

IronMan Digital Painting

Starting from the pencil sketch I've previously posted, this entire painting including the inking took about 4 hours today. I still need to push the fighter jet's detail and value, but I did it without reference for now. Hope you all digs!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Epic Goku vs Superman Digital Painting!

Gotta say I would side with Goku, not only b/c I was a huge DBZ fan, but :Instant Transmission: :grab Kryptonite: GG. Anyhow, I finished painting this piece today too. I'm pretty happy with the results, would love to add more background detail, but I'm off to fry bigger fish for now! :) Enjoy

German Nazi Soldier Digital Painting

I've been doing my digital painting research and I quickly colored this pencil sketch just today, taking a total of roughly ~1-2 hours. I am actually quite proud of this picture as I like the subtle color blends plus the cold color palette reinforcing the scenery!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ninja Factor Wallpaper: The Legend of Kensaido

I illustrated a few desktop wallpapers for a new iPhone game: Ninja Factor. Originally titled Kensaido, this Chipotle Labs game is a great mix between Fruit Ninja and Brain Academy! Hope y'all digs!

Pencils: Iron Man, Superman, and Captain America

Posting up this first trio of Superhero pencils because I'm pumped about the Avengers coming out!

I think I'm really going to set my sights on the comic book industry as a penciler too so I'd love to finish these drawings up, render them and apply to Marvel! Fingers crossed every1!